Lecture on Fire Safety Knowledge

Time:2019-07-12 15:11:56    View:2214

At 13:30 p.m. on June 26, the Ministry of Human Resources invited Officer Wang of the City Fire Brigade to hold a successful training seminar on fire safety knowledge in the company conference room. All middle-level leaders, managers and workers of the company participated actively in the training.

In combination with fire safety system and various fire cases, Professor Wang conducted comprehensive training on how to establish public fire awareness, prevent and eliminate hidden dangers that may cause fire accidents, and how to rescue and escape from sudden fire accidents for individuals. Participants were deeply educated and took detailed notes. Departments also indicated that they would further strengthen fire knowledge learning and skills training to prevent fire accidents.

In addition, Professor Wang organized all the staff to conduct fire drills.

Through this training, the company requires departments to learn from recent domestic fire accidents, strengthen four measures, build a summer fire safety "firewall", so that the alarm bell rings, prevention is the main, and fire protection is combined. First, fire knowledge is in place. Publicize scientific fire prevention knowledge and fire scene rescue and escape knowledge to employees; second, implement emergency plan in place. To clarify the fire emergency handling procedures, fire evacuation methods, fire extinguishing measures and so on, enhance the scientificity and operability of the plan; third, the investigation of potential safety hazards is in place. Insist on daily inspection, especially intensify the inspection of key parts, implement specific fire safety measures for key parts such as workshops, office areas, dormitory areas, etc. Regularly arrange special personnel to inspect the safety performance of key parts such as power lines, fire hydrants, fire extinguishers and so on, discover potential fire hazards, and timely rectify and eliminate them. The company will inspect the company's fire safety from time to time, supervise the implementation of the fire safety mechanism, and ensure that prevention is in the bud.