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In order to actively and effectively deal with the impact of Sino-US trade frictions, open up new directions for our company's foreign trade work and open up new markets, we have been actively carrying out various responses. On this occasion, the opportunity offered by the city to participate in the 2018 China (India) Trade Fair is highly in line with our company's strategic direction. We are informed that the exhibition has been successfully held for five sessions since its opening in 2013. Last year's China (India) Trade Fair, with a total exhibition area of more than 20,000 square meters, has 912 booths, including the machinery industry where our products are located.

With excitement and good expectations, we have actively completed the preparations for the exhibition. We are also grateful to the organizers of the exhibition and the relevant departments in the city for their strong support and cooperation, so that we can successfully complete the exhibition and successfully conclude our trip to India. After this exhibition, we have harvested some regrets, and some successful experiences are also unsatisfactory. The exhibition is indeed huge in scale, and there are many enterprises participating in it. It covers all kinds of products from all walks of life. Visitor traffic is also very large, we can see the scale and influence of this exhibition. We have also gained a lot from different aspects: besides accumulating some local customer resources, we have a more comprehensive understanding of the Indian market, as well as a deeper understanding and experience of local customs and customs. It lays the foundation for the company to formulate the marketing strategy for India and the surrounding countries.