2018 TOC Asia In Singapore

Time:2018-04-26 16:55:52    View:6151

The 42nd TOC Asia Exhibition was solemnly opened in Jinsha Hotel, Binhai Bay, Singapore from April 24 to April 25, 2018. HAJOMECH (Xi'an) Company participated in the exhibition as a well-known brand in the industry and achieved great success.

The TOC Asia-Pacific Container Port Operations Exhibition, which has been held for more than 40 years, has been highly praised by the domestic industry for its high professionalism and great influence. The TOC Asia Exhibition attracted a large number of well-known enterprises and institutions related to container supply chain, including well-known enterprises from China, India, Malaysia, Japan, and Europe. During the exhibition period, there are not only a large number of visitors in the industry, but also frequent and close interaction between exhibitors and exhibitors. Major enterprises show their brand image in a unique form, recommend their products through professional explanations, and the whole exhibition venue is relatively active.

Through participating in this exhibition, our HAJOMECH brand influence has been enhanced, we have learned the latest industry information, and we have also harvested a large number of direct or indirect users, which has laid the foundation for our company to open up a new situation in the international market, especially in the Asian market.