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Heavy-duty feeders are divided into eccentric motor direct connection type and common motor connecting vibrator type according to the driving modes. Because of the huge and stable conveying capacity, they are widely used in uniform feeding or batch feeding        circumstances, such as port ship unloader, cardump, large bin, the center bin of the lower part of the circular stockyard stackerreclaimer and emergency hopper, etc. Feeding capacity is from 800 to 2500 t/h; The troughs and the feeding outlets        are all hermetically connected by fiexible rubber cloths and clamp strips. Without bolt fixing, the sealing is much stronger, and the installation and replacement are more convenient;
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According to the driving mode, the heavy-duty unloader is divided into eccentric motor direct connection type and ordinary motor connection exciter type. Because of its huge and stable conveying capacity, it is widely used in port ship unloaders, car dumpers, large silos, central silos at the lower part of circular stockyard stacker reclaimers and emergency hoppers, which need constant speed feeding and batch feeding.

Performance characteristics:

● unloading capacity: 800-2500 T / h;

● flexible rubber soft cloth and clamping strip are used for sealing connection between the tank bodies and the discharge port, without bolt fixation, with stronger sealing and convenient installation and replacement;

● the corners of the unloader tank are in arc transition, and the motor installation is equipped with anti falling device and anti-collision device, which greatly enhances the operation safety. The overall design line of the product is smooth and beautiful,  the structure is reasonable, and fully reflects the practical and humanized design concept;

● the heavy-duty unloader not only has large unloading capacity, but also can be adjusted according to the actual unloading demand of users, and the overall equipment operates reliably and stably;

● the eccentric motor adopts the combination of reverse braking method and mechanical damping to eliminate the resonance phenomenon of on-off machine, reduce the risk of tank vibration crack and prolong the service life of the product;

● functions available: voltage fluctuation protection, insulation overheating protection, terminal temperature measurement protection and explosion-proof function.

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