talent strategy

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HJM's talent strategy:

Human resources are the core and most important resources of enterprises. The essence of competitive development of enterprises is attributed to talent competition. Accelerating the optimized allocation of human resources structure, upgrading of functional technology and promoting the rapid development of enterprises are the objectives: firmly grasping the three links of attracting, training and using talents, comprehensively improving the quality of talents, strengthening the construction of talent team, and laying a good foundation for the development of enterprises to provide talent selection.

Talent standards:

Advocate people-oriented, open talent concept to accept talent, find and attract talent, provide a good self-development space and platform for talent, pay attention to the cultivation and improvement of talent, and promote the sustainable development of enterprises.

· The way to choose a person is to have good moral character, self-confidence, enthusiasm, and strong learning ability.Coordination and teamwork ability

· The Way to Employ Personnel - Trust and Respect Employees, Talents are the Most Important Wealth of the Company

· The way to educate people is to diversify the training mechanism, recharge learning, renew knowledge and improve skills.Improving Quality

· The Way to Retain Persons - Career Development, Career Promotion, Salary and Welfare are the Fundamentals of Retaining Persons