Talent Recruitment

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Personnel Recruitment and Recruitment Post:

SEO Commissioners:  2  

Salaries: Negotiation

1. Gender is not limited, age 26-35 years old, college or undergraduate degree, engaged in computer and application, e-commerce, network marketing, public relations, business management and other similar professional, with two years of Internet marketing experience;

2. Strong communication skills, able to quickly grasp business needs and business orientation;

3. Understanding search engine ranking mechanism, index mechanism and related indicators;

4. Familiar with SEO technology, master keyword research and search behavior analysis methods and tools, especially Google, Baidu ranking technology, good at data analysis, access keywords and form written reports;

5. According to the website or product editing and promotion program, have the ability of soft writing and promotion, editing and planning.

6. Familiar with the rules and principles of spider crawling in major search engines.

The company provides meal allowance, transportation allowance, annual vacation, League building and other benefits for employees, and pays social insurance for employees.

Detailed recruitment positions please follow the Zhilian recruitment website: https://www.zhaopin.com or the future carefree website: www.51job.com